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*Insert "arrow to the knee" joke here*

What if Skyrim were to be made into a musical? This song would definitely be on it.

Nothing constructive. This was just awesome. Can't really say much else about it. I want Skyrim more than ever now.

Pikachu's got quite a mouth on 'im.

Yet another classic in the "Awesome" series. Can't really say much, other than "I will never look at pokeymans the same way again." Good to see that fat Ash again, too.

5/5, faved.

Why do I remember this?

I remembered every line, and I don't even remember watching this. Regardless, it was hilarious. I can't say anything else. Faved.

Accurate description of anime battles.

The detail you placed on the most mundane of sequences (a.k.a., the drawn-out fight scene) was dead on. Reminded me a lot of a filler episode of an anime that should've ended episodes ago, especially. Great stuff.

It felt so right.

I did notice the increasing quality of the movie as it went on. Not saying it started out badly - it was simply awesome how much detail went into this. There is so much that I could say about it, but I'll stick with "I can see why this is one of the portal's all-time best."

Keep working.

I'm seeing LOTS of potential here. Not saying this is at all bad. Does need improvement, but for your first flash, this is amazing. Most of the motion in the video were very fluent and moved very well. I honestly can't tell you what improvements are needed. Just keep touching up, and keep animating.

The only problem...

Why would he imagine having sex with her while she still has pants on? Unless he has a drill down there...I digress.

This was epic in its own right. Brings new light to an everyday occurrence. And as another had mentioned, the Gay-Cow idea was perfect. Was definitely not expecting that. This did make my day.

Oh, yeah. Daily 1st? Hm, hm?


I can't even begin to comment on this. The cover was great, but the video made it all the better. Everything was spot on when it came to the nature of the song and the video matching. The "intro" was well done, and the inter-dimensional insanity really matched the mood of the song. Now I'm wondering if our protagonist ever made it out of that dimension and managed to reunite with the one he loved.

Solid work. 10/10, 5/5, faved.

Useless review.

I really don't care. This shit made me laugh. Your submissions are insane, and this is no exception. I love this. I can't say anything constructive because this was as constructed as a *insert bad vagina joke here*.

Guess I don't have a choice but to love it...

And I really do. Damn, I'm kinda disappointed that I've been missing out on all of this. But yeah, this collab was awesome.

I see a lot of people are commenting on Stampers. Yes, it was fucked up. But it was hilarious.

Great animators, great voice actors, and a really screwed up sense of humor. Yeah, I love this.

Ever witnessed the culmination of numbers and symbols, aimlessly floating around in space, into one huge and underwhelming microcosm? That's not really what I'm like. But you can think of me that way.

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