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New baby-making music.

As soon as I find a test subject, I shall impregnate her to this song.

It really sounds like a bunch of notes were marching without organization, trying to get into formation but failing because the slight distortion distracted them. But in that, it sounds quite addictive. And yeah, I'm lucky to have headphones. And I heard that bass sneakin' up on me. Pretty freakin' awesome.

AliceMako responds:

You heard it here first ladies, this exquisite gentleman is still single and not afraid of commitment! -coughs politely, adjusts goggles in a casual manner-

Initially i had the entire track coated in distortion but i opted to give the instruments a seperate sound destruction unit instead as the melody actually sounded better from a clean signal.

The bass is the result of me either correctly or incorrectly following a tutorial to get a talking bass out of the semi modular, it became a rattler instead and i guess that works nicely too.

There's something similar to this in the pipeline, expect it soonish :3

Terror EBM at its core

Cacophonous in a sense, but driven well into madness. The overall sound in this song is just energetic and frantic, but slow enough for a dancing pace. Which I took full advantage of. (There's a Das Klub industrial dance competition on YouTube. If I decide to do it, I would like to use this song.)

My gripe with the song is that I felt the bass kick you used didn't really fit as well with the sound of this piece. Then again, it may be my computer's soundcard. What I noticed is that the bass kicks meshed together. A common thing I run into when using FL Studio. Try using piano roll so the kicks don't blend. Also, I would suggest toning the siren down in volume a bit.

Other than that, it's a freakin' hit. I think Psyclon Nine will be hearing this in envy. Well, mainly Nero. 5/5. 9/10. Faved.

L3ak responds:

Thank you much! In honesty this was just a test,I didn't really edit it too much cept for actually layering ther drums,whens its meshed together like that with different drum tones it ends up sounding better live. As for the air raid siren it came into softly in certain parts hence its loudness in the track.

Thanks for enoying though
Cheers mate!

Too much distortion.

My ears came more than they should have. Should I get this checked out? Oh well. I'll keep listening.

When I say too much distortion, I say this to emphasize that your use of distortion yielded a pretty brutal sound. As L3ak said before me, very Terrorfakt-esque. Awesome track.

wandschrank responds:

Thanks! This song would be nothing without too much distortion, it was a little experiment. :)

How the hell did I miss this!?

I've come to the conclusion that you should probably enact your own sub-genre. This is amazing, it reminds me of something you'd hear in a CAVE game. (Look up Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu and...Hibachi, I believe.)

Inter-dimensional feel here, feeling like I'm running through a plethora of dimensions. I'd love to see anyone who can dance to 190 BPM of this craziness. Haha.

10/10, 5/5, faved.

AliceMako responds:

Well, there's hakken, the traditional dutch agitated flamingo dance :3

Then again, that new style of melbourne shuffle meets tektonic swish around/spazz out routine might do the trick just as nicely whatever the hell kids call it these days, same thing probably goes for the flemish clog dance on steroids reffered to as jumping.

Top down shooters... yeah where has the time gone? Anyway, glad you like it <3

*random battle sound effects*

Sounds just like it would on a next-gen platform. You've captured the essence of the theme here. This is just perfect. I can say no more.

Fuckin' amazing.

The intro had me wanting more. And immediately after I heard the first vocals, I was satisfied and thensome. God, the vocals sound like the lyrics convey - angry, relentless, and full of that hateful energy. I was banging my head the whole time, and even growling along with the lyrics. You guys have officially got me back into metal. And I'm looking forward to hearing more from you.

10/10, 5/5, faved, downloaded.

Just starting out, huh?

Pretty good for your first audio submission with FL10. A demo at that. The main concern I have, besides the lack of EQ and balance between instruments, is the sound itself. Try to think of what sound you want to achieve, and work it out little by little. It sounds to me like you somewhat put these together "any old way." Not insulting the way you did things, though - there are some with no disregard for sound at all. I would just suggest choosing a note and working it through that note.

Keep working on it, though. Appreciation for music is a great first step, so do what makes you feel happy.

AtomicEntertainment responds:

You do have a point there, in saying that it seems pieced together. Honestly it is, because the three main tunes you hear are completely different, and not really connected in any way besides the fact that I overlay them on top of one another as the song progresses. I hope to be able to pick a tune and develop it rather than changing it in future songs. Thanks for the useful criticism!

You're right.

It does sound like something The Prodigy would make. Though my biggest concern is the lead in the beginning and somewhere near the end. I know it's supposed to be loud, and I'm not sure if it's just my computer, but it just seemed a bit too loud. I'd just suggest toning that down JUST a bit. Also, I liked the slight variations of the rhythm loop, as well as the variations in the lead. The only thing I would suggest with that is just adding one more progression and maybe a few more notes.

Great piece, though. Now, excuse me. I must dance.

Reali-tGlitch responds:

Lol. Thx. I realized after I made it that work was needed. I agree on the variation part. I'll have to work on that.

90th time listening to this.

I literally had this looped for about an hour a few days ago. And I ended up singing along with it, and my roommate was looking at me like I was having a stroke.

Funny piece. I can't even say anything constructive about this one. Gotta pick up my throat; lost it after laughing so hard. (LOL FUNNY PUN GIVE ME A HELPFUL REVIEW)

DIssonant at first.

I actually liked it. Though the drums can be tuned down a bit, the synth you used was flawless. It was very soothing. Damn, now I'm thinking of doing an ambient remix of this.

One thing I would suggest near the end, though, is carrying the rhythm and fading it out instead of having it cut off. Other than that and the drums - very minor concerns - this song is great.

AliceMako responds:

Well, it's done. To the best of my current abilities anyway.

I couldn't deduce which of the drum patterns was causing offence so i took measures to hamstring them both. The breakbeat via rerouting the device and reducing overall volume output, the kickdrum beat by compression and a bit of automation.

I'm rather pleased with the result, it brings out the menace of the final pads i think, your suggestion of the fadeout i thank for that.

There's 13 synths doing their thing in this piece actually and i'd love to hear it remixed :3 The composition is in 4/4 at a tempo of 100

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