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*Insert "arrow to the knee" joke here*

What if Skyrim were to be made into a musical? This song would definitely be on it.

Nothing constructive. This was just awesome. Can't really say much else about it. I want Skyrim more than ever now.

Pikachu's got quite a mouth on 'im.

Yet another classic in the "Awesome" series. Can't really say much, other than "I will never look at pokeymans the same way again." Good to see that fat Ash again, too.

5/5, faved.

Why do I remember this?

I remembered every line, and I don't even remember watching this. Regardless, it was hilarious. I can't say anything else. Faved.

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I feel like this game...

Deserves a better rating. At once I was thrown into this world of gradually chaotic proportions, but I felt like I was just kinda entranced by it all. It's very well done, and it's very challenging. I could be playing this game all day, to be honest. And I think I'll end up doing just that.

Great job.


I can't stop playing this. I played this for 2 hours straight. This and another game has pretty much taken over my life today. I'm gonna keep playing this...that's all I can say...

2 Hours...

Only stopped to eat something.

I didn't think this game would be THIS addictive. I love it. And it's challenging. I love that even more. This really does take a bit of strategy, too, since not all enemies are the same. The only thing I'm upset about is...well, eventually I'll have to stop playing it.

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New baby-making music.

As soon as I find a test subject, I shall impregnate her to this song.

It really sounds like a bunch of notes were marching without organization, trying to get into formation but failing because the slight distortion distracted them. But in that, it sounds quite addictive. And yeah, I'm lucky to have headphones. And I heard that bass sneakin' up on me. Pretty freakin' awesome.

AliceMako responds:

You heard it here first ladies, this exquisite gentleman is still single and not afraid of commitment! -coughs politely, adjusts goggles in a casual manner-

Initially i had the entire track coated in distortion but i opted to give the instruments a seperate sound destruction unit instead as the melody actually sounded better from a clean signal.

The bass is the result of me either correctly or incorrectly following a tutorial to get a talking bass out of the semi modular, it became a rattler instead and i guess that works nicely too.

There's something similar to this in the pipeline, expect it soonish :3

Terror EBM at its core

Cacophonous in a sense, but driven well into madness. The overall sound in this song is just energetic and frantic, but slow enough for a dancing pace. Which I took full advantage of. (There's a Das Klub industrial dance competition on YouTube. If I decide to do it, I would like to use this song.)

My gripe with the song is that I felt the bass kick you used didn't really fit as well with the sound of this piece. Then again, it may be my computer's soundcard. What I noticed is that the bass kicks meshed together. A common thing I run into when using FL Studio. Try using piano roll so the kicks don't blend. Also, I would suggest toning the siren down in volume a bit.

Other than that, it's a freakin' hit. I think Psyclon Nine will be hearing this in envy. Well, mainly Nero. 5/5. 9/10. Faved.

L3ak responds:

Thank you much! In honesty this was just a test,I didn't really edit it too much cept for actually layering ther drums,whens its meshed together like that with different drum tones it ends up sounding better live. As for the air raid siren it came into softly in certain parts hence its loudness in the track.

Thanks for enoying though
Cheers mate!

Too much distortion.

My ears came more than they should have. Should I get this checked out? Oh well. I'll keep listening.

When I say too much distortion, I say this to emphasize that your use of distortion yielded a pretty brutal sound. As L3ak said before me, very Terrorfakt-esque. Awesome track.

wandschrank responds:

Thanks! This song would be nothing without too much distortion, it was a little experiment. :)

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